Welcome to the Naughty Librarian!

Welcome to the Naughty Librarian!

If you love erotica, the Naughty Librarian is the perfect place for you! Here at my naughty library you have access to all of my sexy erotica! Erotic stories, hot topless and nude pictures, lovingly worn lingerie, artwork, naughty auctions… even the occasional book review.

Erotic Stories

I’ve been writing erotic stories and fanfic for several years now. What began, at first, as flirty emails with a stranger on the internet has turned into a fun hobby. While the majority of my erotic stories feature men with women, there are a few women with women and even some interracial fanfic featuring humans with a halfling or an Aurin.

Sexy exhibitionist pictures

As an exhibitionist, I love the attention that my big, natural boobs bring. I post pictures in my Photo Galleries from my past and current ebay auctions. Those galleries feature sexy pictures in provocative attire as well as topless & nude… many of which are outdoors – everything from implied nudes and sheer tops to graphic.

Well worn lingerie photos

I’ve recently added the lingerie photos gallery where you can see me modeling my well worn lingerie. Ever wondered what your favorite librarian wears under those conservative clothes? Are you speculating about my sexy panties, pantyhose, lingerie, bras, garters, thigh high stockings and socks right now? Look no further, my lingerie photo galleries will satisfy that curiosity!


Drawing has always been a hobby. I moved away from it for a long time, when life seemed too busy, but I’ve recently begun again. I work primarily in graphite, charcoal, ink and watercolor. Presently, most of my work is rather mundane but I’m beginning to add more naughty flavor into my art as I hone my abilities.

Book reviews

I know what you’re thinking: why book reviews? Because reading is sexy. And, as the naughty librarian, it’s my mission in life to promote reading. Reading makes you smarter and smart is sexy! Let’s talk books!

Contact me

If you would like to contact me, rest assured, your privacy is very important to me. I do not distribute names or email addresses nor do I use them for any nefarious purposes. No spam, no selling info, no bombarding your email with newsletters or special offers. None of that intrusive, annoying stuff. Not ever.

XoXoX-Dawn the naughty librarian

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