Erotic Stories


Thanks for visiting my collection of erotic stories and fanfic. Below are links to each story with a little idea of what you can expect to see. I’ve written erotica and erotic fanfic that features men with women, women with women, humans with Halflings & Aurins, threesomes, masturbation, tit fucks, blowjobs, oral sex, sex, bondage and more.


A Cup of Coffee: m/f, blowjob

A Magical Birthday: m/f, blowjob, oral sex, sex

The Bookbinder: m/f, blowjob, sex

Bound for Therapy: m/f, bondage, oral sex, forced orgasm

Closing Time at the Library: m/f, tit fuck

Dinner with Gina: f/f, foreplay

Girl: m/f, handjob

Him: m/f, blowjob, sex

Happy New Year: m/f, blowjob, sex

NEWLate Books: m/f, domination, oral sex

One-Shot: m/f, blowjob, sex, D&D

Road Trip: m/f, exhibitionism/voyeur, masturbation, blowjob

September’s Spring Thaw: m/f, blowjob, sex, hot wife

September’s Summer Bloom: m/f/f, blowjob, oral sex, sex, threesome, hot wife

September’s Fall Bounty: m/f/f, oral sex, blowjob, sex, threesome, hot wife

September’s Hot Winter: m/f/f, blowjob, oral sex, sex, anal sex, hot wife

Unexpected Visitor: m/f, blowjob

Erotic Fanfic

Figment of Nexus: m/f, human/aurin, blowjob, oral sex, sex, Wildstar

Figment’s Loss: f/f, aurin/demigod, oral sex, sex, Wildstar

The First Tale of Justin Case: m/f, halfling/human, blowjob, oral sex, sex, D&D

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