The library was quiet that day so I had ample time for reading. It’d been slow, especially in the evenings, for about a month and I had already been through a dozen books. I was currently reading erotica on my kindle. While entertaining, it was making work a little… uncomfortable. The few regulars had already come and gone. I was just waiting for eight o’clock so I could lock up and go home. A nice hot bath would be great, perhaps with my favorite toy. 

That’s when Jeff came in. He was new in town and had only been coming in for a few months – I was the one that had set up his account. He was tall and good looking, in a rugged way. He was a good twenty years older than I was but that had never been an issue for me. Jeff’s best quality was his deep, drawling voice. Not to mention that he is such a flirt. 

Women often say they don’t like the advances that men make at them. They lie! We love it. Even if it’s the lamest line we’ve ever heard, we like the attention. Who doesn’t like to feel wanted? 

Anyhow, back to my story. Jeff came in with his books, making small talk and eyeing me like dessert as I checked them back in. Enjoying the attention, I made sure to lean on the counter a lot giving a good view of the generous amount of cleavage I had on display that day. 

After asking me to go to dinner with him, a prerequisite to hooking up that I hate, he sighed and finally cut to the chase. “Just take me back in your office and take advantage of me.”

“Hmmmm,” I replied as I looked around to see what was going on; it wouldn’t do to be seen dragging a man into the back with me. The library was empty.  “Sounds good to me,” I said, coming around the corner and taking his hand, “let’s go.”

I wondered if he had been joking when I saw the shocked look on his face, but he followed me into the back. Turning, I stopped and pushed him through my office door. 

“Right here is good, don’t you think?” I asked as I stepped close to him. I could tell what was going through his head as he stood there… either I was playing an elaborate joke on him or it was his lucky day. He obviously needed more convincing, so I took his hands and placed them on my breasts. That ended his reservations and he gently stroked the top of my soft breasts with his rough, calloused hands. 

“Mmmm, yes,” I purred, slipping my hands up his shirt and gently teasing his nipples. I felt them stiffen as my fingers toyed with them. I pulled his shirt up and lightly kissed his chest. I liked how pale they looked against his tan skin.

“Oh, girl,” he moaned as I brushed my lips across his chest and kissed his neck. I was enjoying the way he massaged my chest with his strong hands. I pulled my top down, then his head so I could feel his mouth on my breasts. The contrast between his rough hands and soft tongue was incredible and it was my turn to moan.

I slid my hands down his chest and stomach to his jeans. I could feel his hardness as I teased him through the layer of denim. He pulled me closer to him and put his mouth on my neck. His lips felt just as good on my neck as they did on my boobs. Well… almost as good. He moved his mouth up to mine and I shivered as our tongues met. He was fantastic at kissing. Pulling me tightly against him, he kissed me deeply. The feel of his tongue in my mouth and his cock against my belly was maddening. I felt that familiar rush of heat between my legs and I couldn’t help moaning while he kissed me.  I slowly unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. Sliding my hand down his boxers, I felt his already hard cock stiffen more as I touched him. “Yeah, girl” he gasped, kissing my neck as I gently stroked him.

His hand moved slowly down my back while he slid his other hand down my hip. I broke away from the kiss, moaning and gave him a wicked smile as he slid his hand under my skirt and teased me through my panties. I couldn’t help thinking what a great cock he had. He’s such a big man; I was pleasantly surprised that he was such a perfect size… about 6 ½ or 7 inches and average thickness, my absolute favorite! It took all my willpower to only use my hands on him. I ached to bend over and feel him take me from behind. 

“You have a perfect cock,” I told him as I stopped teasing and stroked him faster. He smiled and then gasped as I squeezed his balls with my other hand. “Mmmm, you like that, don’t you?” I asked.

His only reply was a breathy, “Girl…”

I love the way Jeff can express so much with that one word. I stroked him faster, twisting my hand and toying with the head of his cock to tease him more. I put his hands back on my breasts, they were getting in the way of me playing with him and he pinched my nipples and kissed my collarbone. 

Squeezing and stroking his balls with one hand, I slid my other up and down the length of his shaft a little faster. He moaned, moving his hips in time with my strokes. His thrusts made me think about him thrusting inside of me, my panties were soaked and I moaned as I thought that maybe I should feel him inside me… maybe I should stand up and turn around and take that hard cock, feel him drive into my wetness,  feel his hips thrust against my ass, feel him…

He let out a groan and his hands froze on my big boobs as he began to cum. I moaned as his cock throbbed, squirting hot cum in my hand. I toyed with him still, softer than before, enjoying the way he jumped from the intense sensation.

“You’ll have to let me play with your gorgeous cock again,” I told him, grinning mischievously.

He shook his head, smiling… “Girl,” he sighed.