With mundane thoughts she rounded the corner. Recognition rooted her feet to the sidewalk. There he was, near the other end of the block. His back was to her but she would know that figure anywhere. She took a small step back, turning her head to hide her face, and remembered.

His hands felt hot on her breasts through the thin fabric of her t-shirt. She pulled his shirt off over his head while he marveled at the feel of her breasts, teasing her nipples with his fingertips. His eyes locked on the sight of her erect nipples beneath the thin fabric, his cock beginning to strain against his jeans. She stepped back and slid her shirt off, pulling his head down to bury his face in her full breasts.

Her full lips parted and a small moan, no more than a breath, escaped. He was still there, up ahead. He turned speaking with another of the men in the small group presenting his profile to her. It was him. She moved slowly to put the building’s pillar between them.

His breath had caught when she slid down to her knees in front of him, moistening her lips with her tongue. She unzipped his jeans and slid them down, turning her head to appreciate his lean, athletic build in the mirror as he stood over her, stepping out of his clothes, hands still stroking her thick hair. He released a shuddering breath as she felt his hardness with her mouth, tasted him with her tongue, slid her lips down to the base, his slightly curved cock fitting easily in her throat.

A whimper escaped her as she felt the familiar rush of heat, the wetness that resulted from thoughts of him. She risked another peek… it had been years since she’d last seem him. He looked the same, as if it had been months, not years. Turning to view herself in the reflection in the store’s glass doors, she considered her appearance. Her hair was much shorter now and her natural color. He had loved her long dark red hair, he’d often told her how sexy it was.

“You’re incredible,” he spoke with just the hint of a drawl, yet another thing about him that she found arousing. She looked up, smiling and took him into her mouth again showing him just how incredible she could be. He was getting close, but delicious as he was, she wanted to more than taste him.

Rising to her feet she guided him to the edge of the bed. His hands explored her body, trailing down her swollen breasts, tracing the lines of her hips. He slid his hand between her thighs and felt the heat of her though her wet panties. He liked the way they molded to her when she was wet. He slid them down, helping her step out of them. Climbing atop the bed to straddle him, she brought her lips to his, moaning as he penetrated her, quivering as she slowly inched down on him, deeper and deeper until he was buried inside her. She teased him, teased herself, defying rhythm, rising almost all the way off and slowly sliding back down. She put her arms behind her head, holding back her long hair. Feelings of elation, ecstasy and bliss shivering through her body, her every breath coming as a panting whimper… had she ever been this wet before?

Trembling, she stole another glance at him down the street. He was listening now and the speaker pointed across the street from her. He turned to look and she shrunk back further, her heart pounding in her chest. He was still beautiful, still perfect. She looked back at her reflection… upon seeing her, would he feel the same? Her head fell back against the pillar as she tried to calm herself.

He could tell by the sounds she was making that she was close; those little animal sounds drove him wild. Pulling her close, he rolled with her until he was atop her, her long, thin legs wrapped around his hips. In seconds he found that perfect angle, that perfect rhythm that would send her into euphoria. She couldn’t stop touching his body, his shoulders, his chest, the curling chest hair that led down to his trim stomach, the muscles in his back shifting under her hands and he drove into her, her whimpers building with his every thrust. Moving with him she felt his gluteals tense and release, tense and release – she couldn’t help but to pull him closer and closer as he sent her into a frenzy.

“Cum,” he told her, “cum for me.” Hearing his voice as he drove deeply into her, she couldn’t stop herself, wetness growing so that she began to feel embarrassed. “Cum,” he demanded, and she came, crying out his name repeatedly as she bucked wildly beneath his thrusts, no longer embarrased about how wet he had made her.

Panting, she stole another look down the block. He was still there, looking safely away. Her eyes were drawn to his backside, all these years later it was still the best rear she’d ever seen. And he was right there. Without realizing, she lifted her hand towards him.

She was floating, falling, flying… somehow all three as he drew her orgasm out longer and longer. Before long she was begging him, “please, no more… I can’t cum anymore,” panting as she pleaded. He thrust inside her a little deeper, a little faster, his cock throbbing and she shifted her hips, gently rocking in time with his strokes. She cried out as he came inside her, swollen cock coaxing another orgasm from her as he spilt his load deep inside.

Exhausted and disheveled, she lay tangled in his arms, amazed that he wanted to know if he had pleased her! He was so skilled at lovemaking that she had to constantly remind herself that she was his first. Had she ever known such happiness?

Letting her hand fall she slowly turned away. It had been so long. He was over her. A tear threatened to fall. She missed him.

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