September’s Spring Thaw


Winter was always awful and early spring was even worse. Things were always supposed to get better come spring… they never did. This year was worse than normal.

Perhaps it all had to do with expectations. September had, for her, married early at 35. She’d never wanted to be married. She was independent and successful. This past winter, however, September had swapped independent for married.

The winter had been easier than most. September had spent two months vacationing, no – honeymooning, in the Bahamas with Owen. Her normally fair skin was tanned, despite her vigilant sunscreen use, and her deep chestnut hair now had copper highlights.

It all happened so quickly. Just last summer her life had been her own. She dated often but rarely with the same person long – it stopped being fun when they got overly serious, and she had needs to satisfy. The biggest job of her career was nearing it’s deadline and she enjoyed working for the client.

The client was Owen and after she showed him how well the project had gone and described the final touches that would complete it, he’d asked her out to dinner. September never dated clients, she was ever cautious of her career. But he’d been insistent and innocently charming and the combination had weakened her resolve.

They’d dated sparingly through fall while the project was being completed and he was always a perfect gentleman. September restricted her appetites to her dates with others. Soon enough, the project was finished and he’d asked her to go on a vacation with him in the winter, “We will have separate rooms, of course,” he’d stated primly.

They were on their second week of exploring the tropics together when they first became intimate. He was making a serious attempt at romance: flowers sent to her room, private walks on the beach, couples massages, cozy meals by candlelight. If he’d been one of her normal dates, she’d have rolled her eyes and told him not to try so hard, that all he had to do was show an interest, tee-hee. But he wasn’t a normal date. He was a former client. She tried to keep it friendly and professional but the toys she brought with her weren’t doing the job. Okay, they were doing the job, but she was used to more than what D batteries could provide… she’d already replaced two sets her first week in the resort.

It had been another cozy dinner, another sunset on the beach, another walk back her to her room and yet another chaste goodnight. Finally, she’d thought, closing the door. She immediately rushed to her case of toys. She’d been untouched for over three weeks and she had to take care of herself twice daily… at least. She went through her toys: glass…no, dolphin… no, rabbit… no, tongue… no, beads… no. She had just begun dreamily stroking a life-like dildo when there was a knock. Sigh. She snapped her case closed and went to the door.

It was Owen with a bottle on ice and a dessert box. He sat her down and set up his offerings on the little table. There was champagne and chocolate covered strawberries and candlelight and Owen. He had something to ask her, something important, meanwhile all she could think of was that life-like toy in her travel case. As soon as he left she was taking that toy into the bathroom, climbing up on that spacious countertop and penetrating herself while she watched in the big mirror. It would be so hot, more than anything she loved to see the head of a cock press against her vaginal lips before sliding inside then back out again. Seeing a hard cock poised for penetration, pushing against her, her juices dripping down the shaft…

“September,” he began, pulling her mind back to the romantic setup, “you must know how I feel about you,” he held up his hand to stop her from speaking and continued, “with that in mind, I’d like to ask you to consider dating me exclusively.”

She sipped champagne to give herself time to think. “Owen, you’re a fine man with great qualities but why get so serious? You’ve never even tried to kiss me.”

“I know you’ve been seeing… others,” he stumbled a bit on that, “and I’d prefer…” he leaned forward and kissed her lightly, barely touching his lips to hers. “Please, September,” his voice was so soft, so timid, she felt his breath on her lips as he spoke, “please try, just for a little while.”

She didn’t want this to end with hurting him, or her career. He was so kind and gentle. He was good looking, too, she’d fantasized about him several times. Maybe the romantic stuff softened her. She leaned in and turned their closeness into a kiss. His smell was almost as intoxicating as the champagne. She pressed her lips more firmly to his and opened her mouth slightly.

Instead of joining the kiss, he pulled away. “Well?” he asked.

“Let’s speak of it later, Owen,” she tried to kiss him again as he pulled away. This was getting her nowhere. “Okay, Owen. Maybe. For a little while. I’ll try.”

He smiled so triumphantly as he took her in his arms. “You’ve made me so happy, September.”

“Let’s see if I can make you happier,” she smiled as she went down on him. She moaned when she felt how hard he was through his clothes.

She had to have it. She tore at his pants, at his boxers to get at his cock. She needed it. Her mouth was on him as soon as she pulled him clear of his boxers. Sliding her lips up and down his length she thought on how good it would feel buried deep inside her. Her panties were soaked through and her wetness was beginning to run down her thighs. She got lost in sucking and licking as her hand tore her panties aside to touch herself. She was moaning and sucking, three fingers deep inside, her tight pussy making wet sounds as she came. Crying out with her lips wrapped around his shaft, she bucked and trembled as the orgasm raced through her.

She held her wet hand up to his lips so he could taste her. “Like the way I taste? she giggled, feeling more herself with him than she’d ever felt before. She pushed everything to the side of the table, undressed, got to her hands and knees atop it, wiggling her firm ass. “Want a better taste?”

He buried his face in her, licking her everywhere. He kissed and tasted her and was amazed at her wetness. She made his already hard cock pulse. He teased her clit, caressed her lips and penetrated her pussy with his tongue. His tongue licked higher up, teasing, then licked her anus as he slid his fingers in her pussy. His cock was throbbing with need.

Fingers stroking, tongue teasing her, September was dripping. She needed… more… she toyed with her clit and within seconds her pussy was spasming on his fingers, juices running down his hand. It still wasn’t enough. More. She needed more. “Come with me, Owen,” she said backing off the table, “I want to watch you take me and there’s a mirror in there.”

He took her hand and followed, he’d pulled his pants back up while she wasn’t looking. “There’s no mirror in my bedroom,” he said with a question in his voice.

“Mine either,” September said with a pout, leading him into the bathroom.

He stepped into the bathroom, squinting in the light, bright after the candlelight, “Oh,” he spoke hesitantly, questioningly “the bathroom?”

She didn’t even answer, she was in a frenzy, she tore his clothes off him, buttons hung by threads. She may have even bitten him a few times as she hopped up on the counter and put her legs on his shoulders. Men were always amazed by her flexibility. It paid off for September as she watched his cock push against her then slowly disappear as he slid inch after hard inch inside.

He took her there on the bathroom counter slowly, kissing her gently, caressing her breasts as he filled her.

“Show me again,” she demanded, needing to see his shaft, throbbing and glistening before he buried it deep in her velvety wetness. She watched his length disappear inside her and then he would slowly pull nearly all the way out, ever so briefly, only the head of his cock lightly pressing against her lips before driving into her again and again – she cried out as another orgasm shook her.

She wanted to watch him take her in the mirror. September twisted around, spinning on his cock to land on her feet in front of him. She watched as he entered her from behind slowly, taking her gently, reaching to cup her breasts while kissing her back.

“Harder, Owen,” she panted, “I need it harder!” He pounded her from behind, driving every last inch into her forcefully, lifting her off her toes with every thrust. They moaned and gasped and whimpered in time; her breasts bouncing wildly, his hands grasping her hips, thrusts slamming her forward, hands pulling her back onto his swollen cock.

His strokes became deeper and harder, his rhythm broken, his shaft swollen and throbbing inside her. She reached between her legs, between her soft folds and gave herself the little bit of extra pressure she needed and she was cumming again, bucking on his cock while he spilled his load inside her, grunting, still hard, still thrusting, letting her ride her orgasm out. He kissed her back as her bliss subsided, kissed her neck as he finally wilted and withdrew.

That was how it had started. Phenomenal sex. Every time. His stamina was incredible. They’d begun sharing a room within the week; sometimes not leaving all day long, ordering room service, ignoring the islands and exploring eachother’s bodies.

Another week on vacation, another week of phenomenal sex. “Let’s keep it like this always,” he’d said, “this is perfect.” September had to agree, she’d never been more satisfied than she was then. Before she knew it, he’d somehow convinced her to marry him, right then and they’d stay another month for their honeymoon.

What was I thinking? she berated herself yet again. Owen was incredible, the best of men… but he was only one man. And she had needs. Needs that were too much for Owen, especially now that he was back to work.

She scrolled through her contacts considering some of the names that went by… Aaron, oh yes… AJ, mmm-hmm… Chris, maybe… Eddie, wait! What am I doing? She flicked the screen in disgust as it rolled through names. Looking back down at the screen, she saw it had landed on Katie. “Hmmmm… Katie,” she said aloud, “that’s an idea.” She tapped her full lips thoughtfully.

Would he be angry about sharing her with beautiful young Katie? She wondered. Would he be open to the idea if he also got a taste of Katie. She knew Katie’s tastes and little Miss Katie-cat would love to sink her claws into Owen.

September glanced out the window as she planned. Perhaps this spring won’t be so bad, she thought, noticing for the first time the buds on all the bare branches, the bright blue sky, her smile growing larger, perhaps this will be the best spring ever.


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