Posting schedule for erotic stories, pictures, reviews, etc…


***Update: I have a new posting schedule.***
In case you haven’t noticed yet, there’s a schedule for posting new sexy, topless and nude pictures to my galleries. There isn’t only a schedule for when I post pictures to my galleries, but also when I post new stories and book reviews.

The naughty librarian in her sexy floral lingerie.

The Naughty Librarian’s posting schedule:

  • On the first of the month I post a new erotic story or fanfic written by me, your favorite naughty librarian!
  • On the seventh and again on the twenty-first I post at least one new picture to my galleries. I could be wearing sexy lingerie, or be topless or nude in the photo… it just depends on my mood that day!
  • On the fifteenth of each month I post a new book review. I only review books that I have enjoyed and want to share with you. My book review for the month could be a longtime favorite from Vonnegut or a fun book about rope bondage.
  • At any time during the month I may post a new drawing or painting to my Drawings Gallery. There’s no set schedule, I post them as I complete them.
The naughty librarian’s drawing: Kiss.

The Naughty Librarian’s summarized posting schedule: 

If you’re interested in seeing anything special, contact me! I do custom photo sets, drawings, paintings, stories and more. I hope you enjoy my website and come back often!

XoXoX Dawn

The naughty librarian wearing white cotton lingerie.

By the way…

Maintaining a website takes a lot of time, effort and money. Especially since I protect your privacy and don’t have ads. If you enjoy my erotic stories, artwork and sexy photos and want to show your support there are plenty of ways to do so.

Here are some easy ways you can say thank you:

  • Visit my website often… and tell your friends to visit too!
  • Leave a comment on your favorite erotic story.
  • Read one of the recommended books and comment with your opinion.
  • Get me a gift card from Amazon, ebay or Rifftrax. (You’ll first need to contact me to get my email address.)
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But most of all, you can thank me by enjoying my website and coming back often!

The naughty librarian models her black garters lingerie set.